Jay Jackson

President and Chief Executive Officer - Stuller, Inc.

In all honesty, I attended my first class by Coaching for Success somewhat reluctantly. It did not take long for me to realize that this might be one of the most powerful four hours that I had spent in my life. There are few business processes that start and begin within the same department or division of a company. We once calculated that it took the coordination of 22 people to take and ship a “perfect order.” Each step requires a coordination of action and that means that people must understand and communicate with each other. Coaching For Success has been a cornerstone in helping us achieve our goals and objectives at Stuller. We are now offering it to all associates, and our people have seen improvement in relationships both at work and at home. I believe that the best testimonials might come from employee comments after attending the class:

“This class has helped me more than any class I have ever taken in my 18 years at Stuller. It kept me interested and helped me to see more about myself than I ever did.”
“I strongly recommend this course to everyone. It has truly been a life changing experience for me.”
“I was told that I was signed up for this class and wasn’t that fired up about having to attend, but WOW! Amazing, simple concepts that can change lives. Sometimes someone just needs to turn the light on.”

Lakeside Bank


Coaching For Success helped demonstrate to us how to understand and communicate effectively as an individual, but also how to take those individual efforts and improve how we work together as a team. The teamwork efforts at Lakeside Bank have flourished because of it. Already having a good teamwork effort, we wanted to build on that, and Coaching For Success helped us achieve that goal. The results of our sessions have helped us not only improve how we work together as a team, but also improve how we serve our customers. Here area a few things our employees had to say about their experience with Coaching For Success:

“This course has really made a difference in my relationships, from loved ones to work associates and customers.”
“It has really made me think before acting on a reply or request from someone that I am communicating with in my daily activities."”
“More than anything, it has improved how I interact with people.”
“This is definitely an improvement in the way my life revolves around others.”

Coaching For Success helped create a new foundation for all of our relationships and helped us discover a new world in our understanding of ourselves and each other while learning about effective request, the importance of commitments, and so much more. Each session is a valuable learning experience. The sessions have helped our employees progress from reactive thinkers to proactive thinkers, which enhance everything from home life to business relationships. Overall, our experience with Coaching For Success has made us better communicators both personally and professionally.

Melinda Walsh

Master Story Stylist and Owner - Melinda Walsh Communications
“Mike engages the group with his delightful teaching style. He has a way of sharing information that a participant can apply immediately both in the workplace and in their life. I bring him to every client I can!”

Terry Clark

Plant Manager - CertainTeed Corporation
Coaching For Success offers an opportunity to self reflect upon our communication style and the effectiveness of our interactions. The process will challenge you to view your emotional intelligence versus your intellectual intelligence. This program can allow you to mend broken relationships and strengthen current or new relationships. After acquiring and practicing these skills you can apply them on a daily basis to build a dynamic team.