Leadership Through Language
Part II

A Series of Powerful Interactive Workshops
Presented by Coaching for Success, Inc.
and Facilitated by Michael Papania

Are you living a life of balance, fulfillment and satisfaction?
Do you often find yourself not reaching your goals or your full potential?
Are you as effective as you would like in your role as a leader or manager?
If you struggle with these issues and other key leadership challenges, you will benefit from this course.

Leaders are largely responsible for creating and sustaining what is known as "corporate culture" — the background environment that impacts everything from productivity to attitude to profitability. Effective leaders also know that shared commitment to common goals is simply required for success.

Leaders initiate, convene, and coordinate conversations that matter. These conversations are the engines that produce and maintain the company's culture, productivity, and effectiveness. By learning a new set of conversations, leaders dramatically improve their ability to achieve personal and organizational success.

Each participant will receive:

  • weekly handouts for each class
  • weekly homework assignments to put learning into action
  • leadership articles to support learning and growth
  • coaching on personal/business concerns

Course Content

Session One: Balance and Awareness

Do you sometimes feel that you are stuck and not making progress? Do you experience self doubt at home and at work? In this section you will learn how to observe the domains of your life and effectively evaluate your competency in each.
You will learn the power of design.

Session Two: Confronting Barriers in Your Life... and in Your Leadership

What stops you? Change? Fear? Uncertainty? Distrust?
What stories keep you in your comfort zone? What stories produce your resistance to change? We will review and reconstruct essential moods that affect our capacity to grow. We will take a deeper look at ourselves.
You will learn the power of observation.

Session Three: Five Types of Conversation

Not all conversations are created equal. Explore the dynamics of conversations. Knowing and planning your conversations can be the difference between success and failure.
You will learn the power of conversations.

Session Four: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Is feedback valuable? When was the last time you received feedback? When was the last time you were asked to give feedback? What did you experience? What did you learn? Discover your "blind spot".
You will learn the power of feedback.

On completion you will be able to:

  • Conduct meetings that actually add value to the organization
  • More effectively intervene — at work and at home — in order to improve effectiveness
  • More effectively identify "the root" of problems — instead of just the symptoms
  • Make mid-course adjustments that improve productivity and results