Leadership Through Language

A Series of Powerful Interactive Workshops
Presented by Coaching for Success, Inc.
and Facilitated by Michael Papania

Do you experience a lack of accountability by individuals and between departments?
Is "poor communication" the excuse used for poor performance?
Are you and your team often overwhelmed and stressed out?
If you struggle with these issues and other key leadership challenges, you will benefit from this course.

Conversations — They are at the heart of every business, and non-profit or government organization. In fact, we can think of organizations as dynamic networks of conversations through which we exchange knowledge, make commitments and coordinate activities that create value for the customer. The results produced by an organization are the product of its conversations.

Leadership Through Language is a series of educational workshops designed to support all leaders and managers with skills to increase their capacity to be more effective with communication (speaking and listening), team building and mood management. Through the workshops, leaders will be empowered by new possibilities of designing more effective conversations with coworkers and clients/customers.

Each participant will receive:

  • weekly handouts for each class
  • weekly homework assignments to put learning into action
  • a copy of the book Language and the Pursuit of Happiness (the foundation of the workshop)
  • coaching on personal/business concerns

Course Content

Session One: Introduction to Coaching, Paradigms, and the Speech Act Theory

Have you ever been misunderstood in a conversation? Discover the hidden power of language (external and internal). Learn how our stories about who we are influence the actions we take (or do not take). This session emphasizes making and keeping our promises with others and with ourselves.

Session Two: Speech Act Theory (continued and completed)

Do you sometimes find it difficult to say "no"? Learn how knowing and understanding the structure of language empowers you in all conversations (professionally and personally). Learn how to understand evaluations, ask for what you want, and gain power through delegation. Plus, create order and clarify responsibilities by declaration.

Session Three: Trust and Emotional Intelligence

How do I know if people trust me? When you design trust in a relationship (professionally or personally), the rest of the conversation is easy. Stop and learn the components of trust. What do you really know about emotions/moods? Emotions/Moods can be the determining factor in a business relationship. Do you like being around people who are in a good/bad mood? Do you buy from people who are in a good/bad mood?

Session Four: Listening and Problem Solving

Have you ever worked with someone who didn't listen? Listening is the overlooked, but often the more powerful, side of communication. Learn to improve your listening skills. How do you handle your problems (proactively or reactively)? Learn the essence of effective problem solving. This distinction will give you an advantage in business daily.

On completion you will be able to:

  • Create accountability on both sides of the relationship
  • Have the "hard conversations" with supervisors and coworkers
  • Identify and solve "long-standing issues" in a respectful manner