Language is the Key

A One-Day Course
Presented by Coaching for Success, Inc.
and Facilitated by Michael Papania

This class is designed to introduce and ground people in the dynamics of the "Speech Act Theory". Understanding the language acts that produce the "Speech Act Theory" assures everyone on the team has the same "play book". Often, members are from different backgrounds and the tool that can get them on the same playing field is language. Everyone we work with uses language. We human beings live in language and we often lack the fundamental elements to produce the conversations and results we desire.

Course Content

I. Introduction

  • Coach and the Context of Coaching
  • Participants

II. Paradigm

  • Historical Context
  • "Shift" and Relationship to Business Today

III. Beliefs – Feelings – Emotions – Moods

  • Relationship to Listening
  • Influences on Attitude of an Organization
  • Traditional Model of Listening

IV. Speech Acts

  • Foundation/Building Blocks to Effective Communication
  • Promises – Requests – Offers – Declarations – Assertions

V. Promises

  • Making – Keeping – Breaking
  • How Promises Influence the Mood of an Organization
  • Dynamics of Promises in Producing Identity of Individuals Within the Organization

VI. Declarations and Assertions

  • Identifying Each and Their Impact on Effective Communication
  • Exposing Linguistic Traps
  • Strengths and Weaknesses in Leadership

VII. Requests and Offers

  • Components For Effective Communication
  • Consequences of Ineffective Requests on Moods of Individuals
  • Effects on Productivity

VIII. Cycle of the Promise

  • Responsible Complaint
  • Declaration of Completion